Settle Your Debt For a Small Fraction of What You Owe

The IRS and Franchise Tax Board have an Offer in Compromise program that allows eligible taxpayers to settle their debt for a fraction of what they owe.


Are you Eligible


The key is to establish your ELIGIBILITY and that is best determined with the knowledge and experience of a PROFESSIONAL. Simply put, when eligibility is determined, the Offer In Compromise is submitted and after it is processed, your total debt may be settled for less than 10% of what you presently owe. 


Offers in Compromise are Complex.


Because of the complexity of filing an Offer in Compromise, it's very wise to seek the help of a tax professionals such as myself. Generally, seeking professional advice for an Offer in Compromise is highly recommended.


Filing an offer in compromise requires significant expertise. I know about the laws governing IRS collection of tax debts, how the IRS evaluates offers, and what all the options are for resolving your tax debt problems.




Only 16% of Offers are accepted by the IRS. That is why we will have a back-up strategy for handling your tax debt since the IRS approves so few offers.


No Office Visits Necessary


For your convenience, there is no need for office visits. All our communication can be easily and efficiently conducted by phone, fax, mail or email.   Call today to setup a time for a Free Consultation.


I guarantee an economical resolution to your tax problems.