You absolutely do NOT need an attorney or CPA for your IRS tax problems.


Legal or accounting principals are not the issue.


The IRS and State simply wants to know when your tax returns are going to be filed and when your taxes are going to be paid. What you need is a professional advocate who has the knowledge of the enforcement and collection procedures of the IRS and Franchise Tax Board, and the experience to effectively resolve these issues in your best interest.



This is a collection issue.


You don't need an attorney because your tax issues and problems are not legal in nature.  You also don't need a CPA because your tax issues and problems are not an accounting problem. These are collection issues.



Don't pay unnecessary attorney or CPA fees.


You need a professional who knows how to "battle in the trenches" for you with the best possible results. There is no need to pay unnecessary and excessive fees for an attorney or a CPA.


I guarantee an economical resolution to your tax problems.