I can resolve your problems with the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board, and, most importantly, take the frustration and confusion out of the whole process. Starting Today.


My Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • Stop wage and bank levies

  • Avoid the filing of Tax liens

  • Stop the seizures of assets, ie: auto, residence, etc.

  • Abatement of penalties & interest

  • Submit Offers in Compromise

  • Collateral Agreements

  • Audits and Appeals Assistance

  • Financial Planning




I guarantee to resolve your tax problem for far less than you would expect to pay. That said, for a small deposit I can begin to stop any enforcement action by either the IRS or Franchise Tax Board. I can begin today.



I can help you with any of these problems and in most cases settle them in 30 days.


In just 30 days these tax problems could all be behind you. Call or email me today to keep the IRS or FTB off your back and start the process on taking the worry and frustration away.



Do you owe back taxes?


Owing past taxes puts you at risk for penalty charges on the amount due. But, even if you haven't filed for years it is still possible that I can help you stop or even reverse some of your damages.



Have you gone for years without filing a tax return?


I can prepare all the tax returns you need to file whether it's for yourself as an individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, Trusts, and Estates. I can help you get your missing records such as your W-2's, and 1099's from the IRS. I know what the IRS is looking for and I can help you put an end to this nagging problem which causes  you to lose sleep worrying about when "they are coming to get you."



Have you been notified that your are going to be audited?


Don't let the thought of an IRS audit keep you from sleeping.  When you hire me as your representative you no longer have to talk or respond to the IRS.  First we'll get all the information together that you will need to present at the audit.  I will then step in and represent you at the actual audit.  You will be there only to observe.  Your peace of mind and freedom from IRS interruption of your daily schedule during the audit is well worth the professional fee. You may save several times the cost of my representation in taxes you will save.



Has the IRS Levied Any of Your Property?


It seems like the IRS is larger than life and can take almost anything they want from you to collect back taxes.  But you do have rights and options which I can help you take full advantage of. I can usually stop IRS wage levies and garnishments on the day you call me. I understand that you can not afford to hand over your entire check to the IRS. If they have levied on your bank account I can stop that as well.



IRS Liens


If the IRS has filed a lien on your property it not only affects your credit but it also encumbers the title on your real estate. I can get the liens released and often clear your credit and remove the encumbrance from your property.



IRS Payment Plans


The IRS is now offering several types of payment plans.  I can help you determine which is best for you and negotiate with the IRS to establish your payment plan.



I guarantee an economical resolution to your tax problems.