You Need A Professional like myself who can Stop the IRS in their tracks.

You need a Professional Tax Consultant because there are things that can be done to help you right now, today, to stop the IRS or the FTB in their tracks. My time and experience have taught me the "in's and out's" of working for people like you to resolve their tax problems. You don't need to pay the high fees for an attorney or a CPA. This is a collection issue - not a legal or accounting problem.




Over 30 Years of Experience


I spent 15 years as a Revenue Officer with the IRS and 17 years as a Professional Tax Consultant. During that time I learned the internal workings of IRS collection procedures and processes and solved the tax problems of thousands of clients. I am a tax professional who knows how to do "battle in the trenches" to afford you the best possible outcome. You must be aware that the IRS or Franchise Tax Board is not acting in your best interest!


As your professional tax representative ....       

I GUARANTEE that ALL enforcement action is stopped before they take your wages or bank balance.

I will make sure that EVERYTHING that can be done is being DONE in a reasonable length of time.

I will simplify the whole procedure and eliminate any unnecessary paperwork.    

I will most certainly take the FRUSTRATION and UNCERTAINTY out of the process and off your shoulders.   


High Attorney Fees are not Necessary

  You don't need to pay high fees for an attorney or a CPA. My fees are much more affordable and you will get the best results possible because I guarantee an economical resolution to your tax problems. Call (858) 614-0223 today for professional assistance and I promise in the future you will sleep much easier.

   I guarantee an economical resolution to your tax problems.